MKTECH - Technophobia
MKTECH - Technophobia by Killer

An old (2000) map from a well known mapper, this one reflects once again, well thought out gameplay oriented design skills. The map does not disappoint. The arena is composed of 4 main rooms well connected with corridors and teleports. There is a Quad Damage in the main room as well as a life re-generator (as in Q3DM10).

Visually it is very neat, with a "bluey" industrial atmosphere, achieved using the textures designed by Lunaran for his map Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things. Gameplay is good although bots seem not to be aware of the Quad Damage and the red armor, a huge advantage for the human player (which only compensation is, as usual, to pretend yourself they do not exist either).

In summary, a fun and well designed map. It will keep you busy for several rounds, but because bots do not really make the most of it (and let's be honest, who can play a map with 5 other humans these days), it falls short of being a long term keeper.

Reviewed by raspatan

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (6 votes)

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