MKTECH - Technophobia
MKTECH - Technophobia by Killer
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themuffinator Rep. 1018
#2   13 Dec 2020
Great to see this finally added!

I remember Q2 LAN days on Killer's maps - particularly that slime pit in mkrust was always entertaining! That said, I might be guilty of some nostalgia here but for me there's something special about Killer's maps - maybe it's the simplicity of the layout that always seems to work well. They're pick up and play maps - no frills, just a blast in FFA. The only gripe I have with mktech is the campy RG platform. Other than that, I'd like to see the GL and PG swapped to allow contesting RG/Quad a bit better.

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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2523
#1   10 Sep 2020
I think my main issue with this map is that a lot of the powerful stuff is put at the higher levels of the map, and there's not much of an incentive to go to the bottom at all. Playing this map, I've pretty much just hung around the second and third levels and was able to dominate pretty easily. There needs to be more armor, health, and/or powerful weapons on the bottom floor to encourage more movement down there. I do like the aesthetics though.
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