Tokay's Towers
Screenshot for Tokay's Towers by V1979
Added: 16 Apr, 2015   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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Another conversion from V1979. This time it is the Quake 2 classic Tourney and DM map Tokay's Towers (q2dm2). Quake 3 Tourney, DM and Team DM game modes are supported.

To be completely honest, this is one of the least interesting re-makes I've seen. The lighting, textures and brush work are all very dull.

The original Quake 2 release was interesting for a number of reason. The tightness, game play speed, tricks and uniqueness - for the year 1997.

For a map made in 2014, there seems to be a lot missing.

Only for people that miss Quake 2 DM games.

Note: There are at least two other conversion of Tokay's Towers:

Ranked:   3.7 out of 5 (total votes: 3)
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