The Double Edge 1
The Double Edge 1 by V1979

A Quake 3 CTF version of the classic Quake 2 DM map The Edge (q2dm1). Team DM and DM game modes are also supported.

The layout consist of two version of the map joined together at the outside area where the water to the Rail Gun is. The Flag is located on the narrow ledge near the top of the large around area.

Captures are particularly easy (against bots) due to speed that you can get from one base to the next. Mostly due to the super-narrow shortcut path along the upper outside area and the bots do not use it. There are also a few exploits when defending the flag. It is possible to stand on the lifts and lock them in the up position. This is a strong strategy on the small lift that connects to the thin edge with the flag.

Not the best CTF ever. Would have been nice to see something more original.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: The Double Edge 1 by V1979