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Tokay's Towers
Tokay's Towers by V1979
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V1979 Rep. 315
#1   20 Apr 2015
On such a "review" I am surprised that anyone downloads the map. I feel that I have to give some explanation. First of all, it's my nostalgy - I played on q2dm1 ("The Edge") and q2dm2 ("Tokay's Tower") in 1998.
As for me I still find them to be ones of the greatest maps. And since appearence of Quake III Arena I wanted to play on these maps with this newer engine. I don't remember when I made their first conversions - approximately in 2005-2007. Years later I returned to them - I tried to improve visual aspect while conserving the original layout as much as possible and finally I added high resolution textures.
Of course, such maps are made foremost for fans.
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