The Edge (2)
The Edge (2) by V1979

A pure conversion of The Edge (q2dm1). As stated in the readme.txt. And I have to agree this is as close as you get with a conversion tool as q2toq3a. V1979 did not simply run the tool and left it at that. No, the leaks are fixed, textures replaced with better quality and the is lighting improved.

The map runs smooth. I have not noticed any issues and the textures resemble Q2.

There is a downside to this map. In some places you notice the scale difference between Q2 and Q3. Some stairs and corridors are tight and they make the map feel cramped. Overall the map is open and wide enough for proper movement. The connectivity in this map is great because it is The Edge.

Item placement is also kept as close as possible to the original. I like the placement of the Lighting Gun under the stairs. There is enough ammo and health to go around.

The bots play OK. They go after the red armor, hopping onto the crates... But they skip the MegaHealth.

V1979 knows something about mapping and has quite a few conversions done. I'd love to see him build an original.

If you are into The Edge and Q2 conversions, this map is for you. It's probably a good map for the Generations mod.

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