The Double Camping Grounds
The Double Camping Grounds by V1979

Take the id Software original map, The Camping Grounds (q3dm6) and duplicate it. Now join the two versions together. Repeat these actions but join the maps in a different way until you have four combinations. Change the entities and make the maps CTF. This is what you have here. The maps can also be played in DM and Team DM game modes.

The resulting levels have some good aspects and interesting connections. The game play can be enjoyable but the bots are mostly predictable with their paths from flag to flag.

The quality of the joining points of the two maps varies and more time could have been spent here, but it is good enough.

Ultimately, it would have been nice to see this release from id Software. CTF fans of The Camping Grounds will enjoy it.

NOTE: The first map in the release is a very close layout match to The Campgrounds II CTF by sst13.

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: The Double Camping Grounds by V1979