The Edge (2)
Screenshot for The Edge (2) by V1979
Added: 22 Jan, 2015   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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16 Mar 2017
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With my personal experience, I can say that CHARONQ2DM1V2 is way better than this one. Even though, THIS IS NOT A BAD CONVERSION.
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30 Jun 2016
There are better conversions of the Edge for Q3A. I think the best is the conversion for OSP.
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19 Jan 2016
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Bro, can you send me vq4dm7lite at 10x
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18 Jan 2016
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Bro, I only play NM and even tested some custom bots (q3 hopper) that are 10 time harder than the original ones and they do'nt go. I play against Xaero and all RG users, even set bot games to watch them if they go for the RAIL, but they don't.
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30 Dec 2015
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@Rake: The bots will go for the Rail Gun, they do in the video -
Maybe the bots you are playing are set at a lower skill level? The videos are always recorded with bots at "Hardcore" or "Nightmare" level.
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29 Dec 2015
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The map is cool and all, but bots won't go for the rail. How can I fix that ?
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22 Mar 2015
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Wow! I have 6 q2dm1 conversions and this is probably the best one with good item balance (I really liked the idea to put YA above the lift and second PG below the main floor) and great bot scripts (bots easily take RA and often take upper PG what is unique for q2dm1 conversions). Awesome dark map with sombre mood. It is great to see the q3 mapping still alive after 16 years passed from the Q3A release.
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14 Mar 2015
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Doesn't add much to the original id's Quake 2 map, but has no flaws either. For those that want to play the map on Quake 3, instead of Quake 2.
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19 Feb 2015
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map is too dark
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23 Jan 2015
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I have to say, this map is pretty good. It has a vast amount of space to roam around and not only that but I can comfortably place more than 6-7 bots in the map without having to worry about lag and some glitches because this map runs really good. Only problem I have though is that it looks quite bland, there isn't a 'Uumf' feel to it becasue it's just the same colour textures but in different shades but I'm guessing it's supposed to be like that because it's industrial based? Apart from that, I'm quite happy with the map!

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