The Deepest Void
The Deepest Void by V1979
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#3   15 Jun 2019
Apocalypse Void was one of my favourite maps in Quake 3 single player mode. It didn't fair too bad on servers either. The problem here though with space maps (and this is especially pertinent to ctf space maps) is that if you get a couple of aimgod railers on it and you just spend a whole lot of time respawning. Without setting a timelimit reaching the flag capture limits can take ages, if you reach them at all! Then spacemap ctf largely just becomes a FFA/TDM with the winning team ending up being the one with the most frags/assists. Kinda defeats the purpose of CTF imo if you're just not capturing the flag. That being said, success here largely depends upon good strats and cohesive teamwork, so i guess i can appreciate the challenge to it. Unfortunately, for me this can be a little too tedious. I agree with the reviewer on the first two maps having the best layout. Flight power-up. Not such a problem for me. Because it slows you down, if there are good railers on the map it aint gonna be so easy to return a captured flag. Not without said strats and teamwork. I thought I remembered the original Quake 3 release actually featuring the flight on the single player version of this map but it's not there on the version I'm now running.

If people are interested in spacemap ctfs, in particular apocalypse void remakes, I'd also recommend checking out The Largest Yard by Virtu0, also here on .::LvL
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V1979 Rep. 315
#2   25 Dec 2017
All newest variants of all the maps released by me are here:
The levelshots are here:
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#1   15 Mar 2015
Apocalypse Void is one of those maps I really like, that I don't often see on the server lists whenever I play Vanilla Quake 3 multiplayer. I've played some Apocalypse Void CTF variants, some were better than others. The only aspect of CTF I like is that teams are put in specific bases, rather than just have players scattered everywhere.

I'll bookmark this map to try it out later, as well as edit my comment to show my comment.

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