House Of The Rising Sun (2)
House Of The Rising Sun (2) by Malzbiertrinker

In the readme, Malzbiertrinker says what he had in mind when constructing this release was a sacred structure, somewhere in a rocky, volcanic landscape with hazardous atmosphere. And he gives a nice story about ancient people sacrificing prisoners of war to pay tribute to their gods.

The custom Gothic textures are perfect for the theme. The building looks a bit like an old abandoned church. There are a few vortexes that will send you to the central room. Outside the building, at the front, is a bridge spanning a lake of lava, which is where the QD is. When you first enter the front door you will find the MH. In this front room on either side is a jump pad, which will take you up through a hole in a balcony. The hole will then close under you once you land on it. At the rear the balconies join up making a U shape. The RL can be found at the far rear. On the ground below, is the Haste. Two jump pads let you get up to the RL after getting the Haste. In front of the RL is an acceleration pad, which thrusts you into a vortex. Below the jump pad is the room with the MH. At the sides of the building there is a PG on one side and the SG on the other.

All weapons are present on the map, with the BFG being hidden somewhere. The RG is located in a spot that is perfect for camping. Weapon placement and game flow are excellent with the powerups also having good placement. Bots play excellently and only fall in the lava occasionally. Though she is not included in the list of bots already selected for you, Major can dominate this map.

Overall, it is a great map, with good flow, weapon placement, and addictive gameplay. Definitely staying on my computer.

Reviewed by dudephat

Tig's notes: Be sure the grab the mapmedia texture pack if you have any missing textures.

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (12 votes)

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