Threewave - q3wpak1
Threewave - q3wpak1 by Various

Although most people probably have a copy of the Threewave mappacks installed on their computer, this is the first time on ..::LvL that they have been reviewed. Some of the maps included have already been reviewed. Some of these maps are also available on Quake Live.

Japanese Castles (q3wcp1): Almost everyone should know this map. It's been reviewed here already on ..::LvL, and there are several remixes including an expanded TA-oriented version, a DM version, and even a Q3Fortress version. So if you have not played this map yet, do it now. It uses a unique medieval Japanese theme and it is executed quite nicely. It's a Quake III classic that should be on any hard drive. See original review for more details. Available on QL.

Spider Crossings (q3wcp9): By far the most famous Threewave map, and one of the most popular Quake III maps on par with other greats like Aerowalk and Blood Run. A semi-symmetrical tech-themed map taking place on Mars, the openness puts emphasis on long-range fighting. Defenders who know their rail can dominate the map. Speed is key when performing captures, especially with ProMode physics.

Crude Crossings (q3wcp10): A smaller CTF map which can perform well with just 2v2. The architecture and style is a combo of Scornforge (mpteam4) and Evil Playground (mptourney4 / dc_map17) and it works. Layout has a lot of tight areas and platforms which work well to form a semi-complex arena despite it's size.

Industrial Accident (q3wcp11): One of my personal favorites, Industrial Accident is a very large and widespread map taking place in a factory of sorts. Due to the number of paths you can take into the base, this is a highly tactical map with fast-paced gameplay and should not be missed. There are also a few Easter eggs in the pits. Available on QuakeLive.

Mostly Harmless (q3wcp12): A very professional large CTF arena which consists of two open and mirrored Gothic fortresses. Indistinguishable from id Software's clean style, the gameplay is solid with the flags sitting on platforms in the middle of auditoriums. There is plenty of room to move in the hallways so there is no feeling of claustrophobia whatsoever, a nice change from tighter maps. A Q3A and a TA version have been previously reviewed on ..::LvL.

Funk Dat! (q3wcp13): On par with Assassin's Roost (mpteam8) in terms of sheer complexity and tightness; you will have to look around quite a bit before you become acquainted with it's layout. It takes place in an underground mining colony of sorts, the sky only visible in the highest parts. Some jump pads send you through shaft doors which is a neat idea. Not for beginners.

Camper Crossings (q3wcp14): Heavily inspired by Quake III's all-time famous arena "Campgrounds", (q3dm6) the Gothic theme has been left behind in favor of a more modernized and attractive tech theme. Despite the dm6 influences the only truly recognizable portion is the center - everywhere else the layout is unique and it flows very well.

Industrial Revolution (q3wcp15): The "other" industrial CTF map in this pack, this one has more of a steampunk look to it thanks to custom texturing. There are some nice visual touches like the spinning 3W logos in the bases or the waving ribbons on the fan jump pads. The flags are found on the middle level in the bases, attack-able from above and below.

Coral CTF (q3wcp16): A refreshing idea for a CTF map; the flags sit inside wooden cabins so you should ensure defenders are cleared out before going inside, since there is only one way in there and one way out. There is a sniper roost in each base for picking off people in center. A previous review can also be found on ..::LvL.

Silly Shootings (q3wxs2): Intended for very small CTF games of 2v2 or even 1v1, the flags are fully visible from each other, and there is not too much cover in the upper areas so dodging is your main worry when performing captures. There are no weapon spawns and you are given the SG and GL upon spawning.

If you have not already, give them a go!

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