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Threewave - q3wpak1 by Various
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5824
#8   25 Jan 2020
Note to self: favourite map "Industrial Revolution" I give that one a 5/5
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Tig Rep. 1434
#7   08 Jan 2013
@Stick Man: That is because it is a "bug fix" version.
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Stick Man unregistered
#6   08 Jan 2013
What I don't understand is that they re-released Japanese Castles even though was already in 3wave Pack 0
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CZghost Rep. 1581
#5   19 Feb 2012
Spider Crossings is also avaible on Quake Live as Premium Arena...
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FragTastic Rep. 2235
#4   05 Jan 2012
I played through Q3WCP1 and it was awesome.. Instagib mod works perfectly.
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I_like_quake unregistered
#3   24 Oct 2011
ehh, already had these from the threewave install XD
Seriously though i still don't like Japanese castles after all this time, cant really explain why though......
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themuffinator Rep. 1018
#2   23 Oct 2011
If there was ever a map pack truly deserving a 10/10, it's this. It really encompasses a variety of playing styles from the well, silly wxs2 which was rather popular for instagib CTF, great competitive classics such as wcp1 and wcp9 and the really fun and addictive wcp16. I can't recommend downloading this though since if you're a CTF fan, you'll without a doubt already have all the Threewave maps in your collection!
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Tetzlaff Rep. 255
#1   22 Oct 2011
The review should provide some more backgound info on Threewave and the maps.

  • The Threewave mod team did the first CTF mod for Quake1 in 1996 and thus had a great influence on later games. Threewave then was contracted by id Software to do the official CTF addon for Quake II, which was again very popular.
  • Threewave merged with the Classic CTF mod team and released the Threewave CTF mod for Quake3 in 2001. It offered several game modes and numerous maps. The maps of this map pack here seem to be a collection of the most popular maps from the Threewave mod. Who made the selection?
  • After the Quake 3 era the Threewave team went on to become a commercial developer and contributed multiplayer content for a few games. Unfortunately they seem to have abandoned their Q3 CTF mod, their site today only contains a brief mention within all the stereotypical business talk.
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