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Conquistadores Lost
Conquistadores Lost by Kaffeewunder
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FragTastic Rep. 946
#10   03 Mar 2012
ATTENTION!: KaffeWunder has released new maps on map-factory.org.. Take a look at his new release! http://www.map-facto...bloodfactory-3642

Edited: 03 Mar 2012 AEST

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HDK! Rep. 190
#9   05 Feb 2012
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FragTastic Rep. 946
#8   14 Jan 2012
Loving this map :). 10/10.
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Alexje60 Rep. 30
#7   26 Nov 2011
Big map, nice textures, really cool.
Keep going!

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HelterSkeleton Rep. 2271
#6   01 Nov 2011
I like the way objects are used to keep the level visually interesting under a range of graphics settings. The location markers together with the teleporters and their destination points suggest the harnessing of supernatural and shamanistic forces as the origin of teleportation and the principle behind spawning more generally. This is a nice touch. There is a network of tunnels burrowing beneath the colony base. A network of corridors mirrors the tunnels below keeping the buildings above well connected. Quad adjacent to RA make this level ideally suited to team play with the RA being particularly attractive to control on this level. The RA area features a series of stairs and landings that spiral on through each level of the map while providing cover. The YA at the opposite end on the beach ensures the whole level gets used between Quad spawns. The teleport loop set up in between the corridors across the width of the map make the RG and MH hard to control as they are in high traffic areas. KW's maps have a tendency to be cramped with low ceilings and many obstacles providing cover but also acting as snares. While each area is given its own distinct flavour the RA suffers from feeling a little too familiar and the other areas suffer by feeling a little less well thought out by comparison to it. While there is complexity here some areas are more awkward than noble. This clarity and nobility is something that features in the large deatmatches found in the base iD stock but is generally rarer to find in custom maps
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kaffeewunder unregistered
#5   24 Oct 2011
thx for that, and sorry for all this missspellings :>
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Tig Rep. 764
#4   23 Oct 2011
The title has been updated.
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kaffeewunder unregistered
#3   23 Oct 2011
you make me sad. >:( but if you load the map, youll see its spellt correct (only readme is totally wrong), have a nice day =)
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GuitarMan Rep. 302
#2   23 Oct 2011
I apologize in advance because I'm gonna be an ass on this one.

I got excited about the realistic view on the screenshots, so I downloaded this big piece and put it inside my baseq3 folder and...

First thing I see when I spawn is an advertisement.
I walk a few steps and second thing I see are TWO shiny advertisements (different from the first one).
I keep walking and looking around and feeling the kinda realistic atmosphere, and it all breaks up again by some more colourful advertisements.

I won't say anything about Kaffeewunder's mapping skills, which are far greater than anything I can ever achieve on the mapping territory; and I do understand those advertisements are there for a reason, because they're the mapping comp sponsors. But please, PLEASE guys, if you're going to submit your maps to review sites like ..::LvL, PLEASE make a no-ads version. Those f*ck*ng ads kill all the hard work you've been doing to build which otherwise would have been an amazing piece of work.

Sorry, but 4/10 because of that, if I'm allowed to set a score.



P/S: what's with the spelling mistake on the map's name? It's Conquistadores, with an i, not an e. It wasn't that hard to ask around to find a Spanish speaking Q3 player (like me) to check that. Score changed, 3/10. Sorry.
Edited: 23 Oct 2011 AEST

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gooball Rep. 638
#1   22 Oct 2011
Another gem. 9.5/10
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