23 tons of steel
by mrks & rbrt
23 tons of steel by mrks & rbrt

This map is was contribution of the 2009 Noghost Mapping Competition. Beside the 3 first places by StormShadow, Phantazm11 and Sock, this map ranked among the top. Its the first and only map of both authors mrks and rbrt I could find so far.

And first of all, a very nice one. The theme is the classical BaseQ3 Gothic style, with lots of Gothic-walls, stone and steel. The architecture is very harmonic, the texturing is very solid, including cut-out blocks and all of that premium-Gothic-mapper stuff.

One of the passages were you can find the RA really reminds me a bit of the Quake map, dm6 and the feeling of that old ID maps. Maybe the mappers wanted to get that feeling back?

Item placement and weapon placement are both very good and balanced. Maybe moving on the highest floor all the time could make a player a winner here. But despite of that, with its many options and connecting spots, its very hard to retain map-control again an equal opponent. So you can say well-balanced and in addition good gameflow.

Moving across the map is easy, but some passages are very tight e.g. stairs in the PG-room.

Bot support is given and acceptable.

The map is definitely worth a DL and should stay on your HD. A Gothic classic. Submitted in 2000 or something like that, this map would've been a killer, for now its a very good and solid map.

Reviewed by FragTastic

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: 23 tons of steel by mrks & rbrt