Gothic Dawn
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Added: 07 Jul, 2010   More than 5 years old A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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A very nice DM map with some cool eye candy, in that typical gothic style that id Software used in the default maps so many times. The author, sst13 managed to upgrade this style with some very well done architecture and texturing.

The centerpiece is obviously the convincing lava-fall in the map's central room, finished by the use of custom shading. The main architecture is complemented nicely with neat details and an impressive variety of textures, all fine-tuned to create the right atmosphere.

The map's gameplay is determined by it's structure: a large central room with an intricate network of corridors and tight spaces encircling it. You'd better be prepared, because an opponent can pop out of a side passage, door or ledge any time. The tightness also creates some action-packed close combat. You're going to love it. The bots do fine on the map.

Go ahead and download this one. Definitely a keeper.

Review by Stijn Raiguel.

Ranked:   4.5 out of 5 (total votes: 10)
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