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23 tons of steel
23 tons of steel by mrks and rbrt
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FragTastic Rep. 1454
#3   27 Jul 2012
I remember reviewing this map a while back but still don't have this map on my list. It's strange because I added my reviewer details on my review. Tig, could you sort this out please..?!
Edited: 29 Jul 2012 AEST
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Pretty good map, but what's with the tech textures?
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ShadoW Rep. 40
#1   09 Jul 2010
I like this map very much. It's really beautiful, looks totally classic. A lot on nice deatails, but ther's no overkill in it. Great colos scheme and lightning. Layout could use some tweaking, but it was a competition map, so that's explains it :). Anyway, I still enjoy this map very much. Tested it in ffa and tdm, and it was fun. You should really check this map, it's great reminder of old good times! ;) 8.5/10
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