bloodsky by NaturalSpringWater

It is quite difficult to tell what kind of map this is. Probably the best description is that it is a haphazard collection of unrelated architecture that forms a rather confusing, pointless maze. All kind of ramps, jutting out ledges, narrow corridors and tight underground passages abound. Many of the hard to navigate passages lead you to dead ends. These dead ends do contain some items to get, but usually not worth the effort. Since they have openings to the main areas, they can be used as sniper bases. Very effective in instagib, but encouraging this style of 'camping' play is IMO not the best idea for a Q3A map.

It is almost impossible to efficiently navigate the map. First of all, it is too dark. OK, the author already said this in the README, but I did not expect areas of total darkness. The ramps and doors are extremely narrow. In general the closed spaces (rooms, corridors) are very tight, not much room to move or maneuver in a fight. Stairs are usually extremely steep (45 degrees or more) and crudely constructed. They look very ugly. There is a lot of junk (boxes, whatever) without any clear function, just hindering movement.

Texturing is just as bad as architecture. Textures seem to have been selected almost randomly, they usually are not appropriate to the structure they are applied to, and there is hardly any sign of an effort to align them properly.

In summary, this is probably not a map you would want to download and play. I rate this map 2 on the 0 to 10 scale. Simply because it loads and runs and there are no obvious errors (HOM, etc.). I have seen worse, trust me.

I regret to announce such a negative opinion. I am sure that a lot of work have been spent on making this map (just consider that the number of brushes is 2300). However, the end result is mediocre at best. Less would have been more in this case (I mean using a more open architecture with a simpler layout). IMHO the author should read a couple of tutorials on map design and study some of the good maps made by others before attempting to make a map again.

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