Title: bloodsky
Author: NaturalSpringWater
Suggested players: 2-6
gametype: FFA (play in instagib!!)
bots: yes, but dont do it
Bloodsky is a metal map that is composed of very many complex structures all in one large room. (2300 brush)Items
are strewn everywhere and gameplay in regular deathmatch mode is only mediocre. Really the way to play this map is
in instagib. Usually in quake the best strategy is to get right into the action quickly and ferociously. This map
changes that up; it is not for you if you only like fast paced games. Here the gameplay is about sneaking around
between various hideouts and campspots and seeing if you can find your oponent before he finds you. Running into
the center is a terrible strategy and you will explode right away. Knowing the map layout will give you a strong
advantage over some1 who doesn't, but the map takes a while to learn. 1v1s are great but extremely slowpaced. They
can get so intense that I have found myself using every way I can possibly think of to gain knowledge of the position
of my oponent. Things like watching for railtrails and wall spots, listening to footsteps and jump noises, and
even listening for the slightly increased volume of the railgun's hum when an enemy walks by. It really comes down
to who is sneakier. FFAs with up to 6 people are also good. In FFAs the competition drives the game a little faster.

This is a slowpaced but intense map for stealthy play.

things to note:
1. The map is very dark. I think it intensifies the gameplay, but some people might not like it, Especially if
they're just learning the map. You might want to set your /r_gamma to 1.2 or even 1.5. This will solve the problem.

2. I have included a bot file, but don't play this map with bots. They play like they're retarded.

This map is good for instagib against other humans.