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Quake 3 Arena skybox collection
Quake3Arena skybox collection. ============================================================ title: NA file: q3skyinf.zip author: various (compilation by Speaker aka Laszlo Menczel) email address: menczel AT invitel DOT hu URL: menczel.extra.hu description: A collection of 240 sky boxes for Q3A ============================================================ play information: NA tourney: deathmatch: team deathmatch: CTF: Bot File (aas): other: new sounds: new graphics: new music: how to play: ============================================================ info This is a collection of 240 sky boxes I have found on the net. They were made by variuos authors (not by me) and have different licenses. All of them may be used in non-commercial projects, some of them may be distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (which allows even commercial use). The size of sky box textures is 512x512. Each sky box has a working Q3A shader. ============================================================ construction: NA base: editor: other progs: know bugs: build time: ============================================================ thanx to ... Grasshopper (member of the Nexuiz message board) for helping me in checking the licensing terms of the sky boxes. 'The Mighty Pete' (www.petesoasis.com)) Chris Matz (aka Amethyst7, amethyst7.gotdoofed.com) and Colin Lowndes (www.3delyvisions.com) who generously allowed to distribute their sky boxes under the GPL. LvL (lvlworld.com) for hosting the archive. ============================================================ Mirrors This archive is also maintained on my personal WEB site. It is organized in a way that allows fast downloading of individual sky boxes. You should first download an info archive at the following link: menczel.extra.hu/q3skyinf.zip In this info archive you will find a gallery (representative images from each sky box) and a table containing license info on the individual boxes. After you selected the box you want, it can be downloaded as a single ZIP file using the list at the following link: menczel.extra.hu/q3sky.html ============================================================ Distribution / Copyright / Permissions See the table 'license.txt' in 'q3skyinf.zip', also the README files in the individual sky box archives. ============================================================
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