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Quake 3 Arena skybox collection
Quake3Arena skybox collection. ============================================================ title: NA file: q3skyinf.zip author: various (compilation by Speaker aka Laszlo Menczel) email address: menczel AT invitel DOT hu URL: http://menczel.extra.hu description: A collection of 240 sky boxes for Q3A ============================================================ play information: NA tourney: deathmatch: team deathmatch: CTF: Bot File (aas): other: new sounds: new graphics: new music: how to play: ============================================================ info This is a collection of 240 sky boxes I have found on the net. They were made by variuos authors (not by me) and have different licenses. All of them may be used in non-commercial projects, some of them may be distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (which allows even commercial use). The size of sky box textures is 512x512. Each sky box has a working Q3A shader. ============================================================ construction: NA base: editor: other progs: know bugs: build time: ============================================================ thanx to ... Grasshopper (member of the Nexuiz message board) for helping me in checking the licensing terms of the sky boxes. 'The Mighty Pete' (http://www.petesoasis.com)) Chris Matz (aka Amethyst7, http://amethyst7.gotdoofed.com) and Colin Lowndes (http://www.3delyvisions.com) who generously allowed to distribute their sky boxes under the GPL. LvL (http://lvlworld.com) for hosting the archive. ============================================================ Mirrors This archive is also maintained on my personal WEB site. It is organized in a way that allows fast downloading of individual sky boxes. You should first download an info archive at the following link: http://menczel.extra.hu/q3skyinf.zip In this info archive you will find a gallery (representative images from each sky box) and a table containing license info on the individual boxes. After you selected the box you want, it can be downloaded as a single ZIP file using the list at the following link: http://menczel.extra.hu/q3sky.html ============================================================ Distribution / Copyright / Permissions See the table 'license.txt' in 'q3skyinf.zip', also the README files in the individual sky box archives. ============================================================
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