Map-Center's 1st Turtle Speed Map pack
Map-Center's 1st Turtle Speed Map pack by Various

11 great maps from a mapping contest on Map Center that ended on Feb.4, 2007. Participants had only 1 week to construct their maps and anything goes. I will review all maps, but only rank a few favorites. They are all too good to rank against each other (and my past experience reviewing map packs has shown this is just a bad idea :P ). Unless otherwise noted, the level does not have BFG. Most maps have bots, but some do not due to the time constraint. To boil the review down: get this mappack! There is something you'll like!!

FAVORITE GAMEPLAY MAP: Wish you were here by Myth (DM: 3-6 players) mc-tm01-myth
Simple architecture with grey-ish blue textures give this medium-sized map a business only or geo-comp feel, which I like. Open atrium's and large hallways never make you feel cramped with about 4 levels in all. Bots play tough here and gameplay is exciting and rewarding. Cool teleporter models are a subtle accent to the map feel. All weapons available as well as RA, YA and MegaHealth.

FAVORITE DESIGNED MAP: Nausia by Stjartmunnen (DM: 4-12 players) mc-tm01-stjart
I am amazed this map was completed in ONLY 3 DAYS (also .map file included). The brown, industrial texture work and large, ornate architecture are very impressive. It looks more like one of those 2 year on-and-off projects. All weapons, and RA, but no rail here to discourage camping in this large playland. Most areas are open atrium with side hallways and underground passages with about 3 levels total. The large map creates some long-distance firefights with more chance to escape (or track down) your opponent. Bots, too.

FAVORITE MAP STYLE: Paper Kraft by q3map (CTF: 4-8 players) mc-tm01-q3map
At first you think it's a cel-shaded delight, but all areas are simply low-res textures with dark edge accents. This is a spacemap that gives "watch your step" a new meaning. The "paper kraft" name means that the entire map looks like it was created out of paper. Thin walls, round "folded" walls, and narrow spiral staircases all make you think you're Paper Mario. No bots, so I can't speak to gameplay- but I would expect it is fun but hard. Lots of ways to get to the flags, but lots of ways to fall off the map. Death comes quickly when falling off (about 6 inches below the lowest map point). BFG included.

ALL OTHER GREAT MAPS (alphabetically):

Prospect by Akuma (DM: 3-6 players) mc-tm01-akuma
This map looks like a 3-level Egyptian shrine with indoor/outdoor areas. The outdoor area with a small pond seems to be the area where more fighting takes place (since the MH is there). All weapons are available as well as YA, Quad and MH. This medium sized map is definitely good for a few rounds.

Cold War Strogg by Amphetamine (CTF: 4-8 players) mc-tm01-amph
You may notice elements from favorite Q2 maps here. This map is an indoor/outdoor outpost base with a mountain area above. Bots play OK with all weapons as well as Quad, MH and RA. Lots of ways to the flags and map is medium to large in size. Good for a few runs if you crave that Q2 style.

Sottosuolo by dONKEY (DM: 4-10 players) mc-tm01-dK
I am never disappointed by a map from dONKEY and this is no exception. This medium/large sized map has Roman architecture in an underground cave/city. The blueish grey textures (by Inition) and torches really make this well-lit map feel real. The tight corridors, small cave shortcuts, and drop-down areas make gameplay interesting (I assume anyway, no bots). dONKEY promises to release in the future with bots- I look forward to it.

symmetry by Kaustic (DM: 3-6 players) mc-tm01-aty3
This map is simply a 4 level open arena map, with some secluded areas on the bottom floor. The textures are brick and tile. Bots play well and all weapons are here, so rail practice is popular if you can get it. The gameplay tends to feel more flat than vertical. The lower levels are very large and the upper levels only allow you to "look over the edge" for frags. Two jumppads per level to move you up. Fun for a few.

World of Gravediggaz by Kle (DM: 3-6 players) mc-tm01-kle
This medium sized level uses a Gothic Q3 texture set. The layout is a 2-level map with all weapons, some of them set in cut-outs in the walls. The main level is surrounded by a 2nd level and gameplay seems fast and fun (I assume, no bots).

no name by Master Jed (DM: 3-8 players) mc-tm01-mjed
This HUGE 4 level map makes my little laptop hate me. Fps is low on this large, open map. All weapons are present so grab the rail on the top side and pick 'em off. There are some side hallways for up close firefights, but once someone starts sniping- it's over. This is assumed as no bots are present.

Flag Factory by MaTeL1s (DM: 4-8 players) mc-tm01-MTL
This map can be compated to any great q3 id CTF map. An indoor map with industrial textures and lots of ways to the flag. Plenty of architecture for cover and many jumppads to keep the gameplay moving.

no name by Stormshadow (DM: 3-8 players)
This map is my 2nd favorite map for gameplay in the pack. The grey industrial textures give the layout a simple feel. The multilevel layout has several drop down areas, jumppads, a teleporter and great connectivity to create excellent gameplay. All weapons except rail, RA and Quad are here. Bots play exceptionally and this map will give you lots of replay value.

Reviewed by remnent

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (24 votes)

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