Map-Center's 1st Turtle Speed Map pack

Please see individual text files (where available) for more information about the maps. These
are located within mc-tm01.pk3

This text file accompnaies "mc-tm01.pk3" which is Map-Center's 1st Turtle Speed Map pack.
The participants had 1 week to make a map for Quake 3.

Mappers, Map Names, & Game Types

Akuma - Prospect - DM

Amphetamine - Coldwar Strogg - CTF

dONKEY - sottosuolo - DM

Kaustic - noname - DM

Kle - World of Gravediggerz - DM

Master Jed - noname - DM

MaTeL1s - Flag Factory - CTF

Myth - Wish You Were Here - DM

q3map - Paper Kraft - CTF

StjartMunnen - Nausia - DM

StormShadow - noname - DM

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