The Strange House
Title : The Strange House
BSP Name : amph-dm01.bsp
Author : Jonathan "Amphetamine" Garrod
Release Date : 2007-03-24
Email Address : **email removed**
Game : Quake 3 arena DM/TDM/Tourney
File size : 7mb

Description : This started out as a testbed for a few ideas, but turned into somthing I
wanted to make into a final release.

Additional Thanks to : Ydnar for the amazing bits added to Q3map2
id Software for Quake 3
Sock for some awsome tutorials and textures for being a great forum full of talented people

Beta testing :

Previous work : Stuff for Generations Arena and a couple of single map releases.


* MAP Information *

Textures : E7 Set - Yves "Evil Lair" Alairs (
Fence from MC-pack - Aljerara
Photorealistic Set - Berneyboy (
Graveyard Skybox - Sock (

* Construction *

Base : from scratch
Construction Time : 2-ish months
Build programs : Q3map2, BSPC
Compile machine : Athalon XP 2700+ / 2GB Ram
Editor used : GTKradiant 1.4.0
Other programs : Q3ASE, Particle Studio, Photoshop CS2, Emacs, Mapacker
Known Bugs : Bot's are not a substitute for real players and like to take hot baths on a frequent basis.

* Copyright / Permissions *

All textures and models in this level remain property of their respective owners.
You MAY use this level for any GPL compliant purpose, including but not limited to
a base for new levels. Source file is currently availble from the Open Arena SVN.