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Map-Center's 1st Turtle Speed Map pack
Map-Center's 1st Turtle Speed Map pack by Various
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 1278
#14   11 Aug 2011
Nausia: lightning gun and rail at bottom, armour on the middle, quad up top - get it! upper paths skirt the open area midway but a little light on health. teles and pads ensure movement is circuitous and spiral. StormShadow's Death Cage is so good i repackaged it as it's own separate pk3. Plenty of opportunities for kick flicks and the forward facing heads-down bully jumping the level layout and item placing calls for. Not a jump opportunity is missed in this one! Quad slows things down necessitating a switch to the lightning, shottie or plasma but sees to it that all the weapons get used. again a preference of choice would see the battlesuit but red armour and 2 yellow armour keeps this all in check by doing the same job. the quads situation to the mega sets up for a nice exchange in this area. well-suited to teleboosts but i think that stjartmunnen has it downpat with his release silip(not included here) by making perfect use of the haste and that juicy little health bubble you pick up on the way from the mega to the rocket launcher. Stormshadow and Stjartmunnen are the kings of bully play! 9/10 Tasty! Check there stuff out - it rocks!!!
Edited: 11 Aug 2011 AEST
Edited: 11 Feb 2012 AEST
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gooball Rep. 531
#13   26 Oct 2010
epic achievement
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AEon Rep. 323
#12   27 Aug 2009
Hmmm... IMO it would have been better to release the maps separately, the level of quality varies too much.
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Anonymous unregistered
#11   16 Jan 2009
estan bonitas los mapas vayan a esta direcion y encontraran mas mapas http://xksclan.big-f...progress-t123.htm

wow what beariful are the maps go toand want plus maps http://xksclan.big-f...progress-t123.htm

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akm Rep. 0
#10   08 Oct 2008
Oops :)
Forgot I wasn't logged in. #10 was me.

- Akuma

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Anonymous unregistered
#9   08 Oct 2008
Looking back at this, I can't help thinking what a great job we did on these maps
considering we only had 7 days :)

Nice work all.

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Anthony unregistered
#8   31 Jul 2008
excelent pack
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wakey Rep. 80
#7   22 Jul 2007
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poub unregistered
#6   20 Apr 2007
Amazing! Just clicking through the screenshots makes me want to play. As a mapper I'm rather impressed by the fresh ideas and a lot of people being still into it, awesome work to everyone, way to go.
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stjartmunnen Rep. 0
#5   22 Mar 2007
Thanks Remnent and v1l3. As Myth said, nice to see theres still some quality maps beeing produced for q3.
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dONKEY unregistered
#4   19 Mar 2007
Damn...forgot my password:(
Thanks Rem.
Good to see this map pack here:)
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MaTeL1S Rep. 0
#3   17 Mar 2007
Thank you for review.
I have just submited one map here, and it wasn't similar to this. Anyway, the map was build in a week.
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Myth unregistered
#2   17 Mar 2007
Thanks for the reviews.

It's brilliant how many fantastic entries there were for a game that's almost 8 years old!

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v1l3 Rep. 631
#1   17 Mar 2007
I was gonna review this one up...I'm a slowpoke though... Good full review. I have a different opinion on the maps though.

I'd say gameplay goes to stormshadow/amphetamine. Stormshadow's is straight to the point of battle. I love how amph gave his map a terrain feel in the center..kinda gave it a TA feel, and it's an original looking map as far as the Q2 look.

The best designed map is Donkey's...which I wish had a botfile, but I dunno how easy that would even be to set up with all of the falling holes and such. Beautiful though.

Akuma, Myth and Stjart's maps share the same looks/gameplay feel. Stjarts map kinda had a Shub-Niggurath feel with the textures and looks which I like alot(doomer feel).

Kaustic's map was interesting, but too wide open..would make a good instagib map.

Matelis's map looked to similar to the map that he already submitted here...which makes you wonder about the whole week period. =o

mc-tm01-mjed is too big and too wide open, nice textures, but with it being so wide open you get a r_speeds problem with all of the projectiles sharing the same air. It's not a bad map though, just seems to big to me.

mc-tm01-kle is nothing new in looks, and simple floorplan. It amazed me that he couldn't add an .aas file considering that it's not that complex of a map.

mc-tm01-q3map.....um, I don't like it, and I'll just keep it at that.

Overall the best turtle-mappack yet.

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