Map-Center's 1st Turtle Speed Map pack
Map-Center's 1st Turtle Speed Map pack by Various
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6320
#14   11 Aug 2011
Favourite map: DeathCage by StormShadow. Close 2nd: Nausia
Edited 2893.89 days after the original posting.
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gooball Rep. 1081
#13   26 Oct 2010
epic achievement
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AEon Rep. 760
#12   27 Aug 2009
Hmmm... IMO it would have been better to release the maps separately, the level of quality varies too much.
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Anonymous unregistered
#11   16 Jan 2009
estan bonitas los mapas vayan a esta direcion y encontraran mas mapas xksclan.big-forum....ogress-t123.htm

wow what beariful are the maps go toand want plus maps xksclan.big-forum....ogress-t123.htm

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akm Rep. 0
#10   08 Oct 2008
Oops :)
Forgot I wasn't logged in. #10 was me.

  • Akuma
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Anonymous unregistered
#9   08 Oct 2008
Looking back at this, I can't help thinking what a great job we did on these maps
considering we only had 7 days :)

Nice work all.

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Anthony unregistered
#8   31 Jul 2008
excelent pack
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wakey Rep. 183
#7   22 Jul 2007
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poub unregistered
#6   20 Apr 2007
Amazing! Just clicking through the screenshots makes me want to play. As a mapper I'm rather impressed by the fresh ideas and a lot of people being still into it, awesome work to everyone, way to go.
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stjartmunnen Rep. 0
#5   22 Mar 2007
Thanks Remnent and v1l3. As Myth said, nice to see theres still some quality maps beeing produced for q3.
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dONKEY unregistered
#4   19 Mar 2007
Damn...forgot my password:(
Thanks Rem.
Good to see this map pack here:)
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MaTeL1S Rep. 0
#3   17 Mar 2007
Thank you for review.
I have just submited one map here, and it wasn't similar to this. Anyway, the map was build in a week.
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Myth unregistered
#2   17 Mar 2007
Thanks for the reviews.

It's brilliant how many fantastic entries there were for a game that's almost 8 years old!

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v1l3 Rep. 1535
#1   17 Mar 2007
I was gonna review this one up...I'm a slowpoke though... Good full review. I have a different opinion on the maps though.

I'd say gameplay goes to stormshadow/amphetamine. Stormshadow's is straight to the point of battle. I love how amph gave his map a terrain feel in the center..kinda gave it a TA feel, and it's an original looking map as far as the Q2 look.

The best designed map is Donkey's...which I wish had a botfile, but I dunno how easy that would even be to set up with all of the falling holes and such. Beautiful though.

Akuma, Myth and Stjart's maps share the same looks/gameplay feel. Stjarts map kinda had a Shub-Niggurath feel with the textures and looks which I like alot(doomer feel).

Kaustic's map was interesting, but too wide open..would make a good instagib map.

Matelis's map looked to similar to the map that he already submitted here...which makes you wonder about the whole week period. =o

mc-tm01-mjed is too big and too wide open, nice textures, but with it being so wide open you get a r_speeds problem with all of the projectiles sharing the same air. It's not a bad map though, just seems to big to me.

mc-tm01-kle is nothing new in looks, and simple floorplan. It amazed me that he couldn't add an .aas file considering that it's not that complex of a map., I don't like it, and I'll just keep it at that.

Overall the best turtle-mappack yet.

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