If you complain about a map having 2D gameplay (no vertical elements), well then how about some 1D gameplay. Pick any action movie with a firefight on a subway and you can now relive that experience. Whether its the "L" in Chi-town or MARTA in Hotlanta this is the map for you. Of course, the advantage of 1D gameplay is the simple fact that your opponent is in one of two places: In front of or behind you. Although, since there is a teleporter at each end of the 3 subway cars- your opponent can always be ahead of you (or always behind you if you run out of ammo and he's hunting you down).

The entire map is 3 subway cars, well constructed with chrome railings and functioning doors. The teleporters at the ends allows you to strafe jump indefinitely and mow down your opponent as long as your ammo or gauntlet allows. The "passengers" on the train consist of swarms of mini-health and armor shards, but only 3 weapons here: SG, RL or GL.

Kudos for the novelty of the idea, but otherwise: I'd pass.

Reviewed by remnent

Ranked: 2.7 out of 5 (12 votes)

Download: HIGH SPEED by AmonG0D