Icon Basilica
Icon Basilica by dONKEY

Another stunning map by dONKEY. One of 2 maps he intended for the Geocomp4, which explains the use of only 10 textures. The medium sized map has an ancient theme, but not egyptian. Basically an outdoor, multi-level main area with many side rooms and a fog shrouded catacombs lower level. Remember, Geocomp map = details = high r_speeds. Not really that bad, but it slows my laptop a bit. Custom skybox by Jaj. Custom textures/models by dONKEY.

Standard weapon set (all but BFG). MegaHealth and Invisibility powerups with the Quad down low in the foggy catacombs. Gameplay is well connected, with teleporters, jumppads and side ramps between levels. Maybe a little short on ammo, but otherwise solid. Download now.

Reviewed by remnent

Ranked: 2.9 out of 5 (22 votes)

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