AEon's Desert
by AEon
AEon's Desert by AEon

Aeon is an experienced and talented mapper, and he reminds us once again with this release. AEon's Desert is a large, Egyptian themed map. Sock's custom textures look awesome and the player moves smoothly throughout the map. The lighting and framerates are excellent.

Bots play well but focus towards the center. Item placement is excellent. With jump pads throughout and a few bottomless pit to fall in you will be watching your step. If you like AEon's maps, check this one out. If you've never played one of his maps, check out his others on ..::LvL.

Worth keeping and playing, but make sure there are at least 4 players.

Reviewed by storm{SmF}

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (25 votes)

Download: AEon's Desert by AEon