Stir Fried Rocks Attack
Stir Fried Rocks Attack by Charon

Another great Tourney map from Charon, this time the arena is a futuristic / industrial theme level, a very minimalist look, great use of soft tones of grey, little touches like the curved pipes/trim on the first landing health corridor. Softened nicely with soft blue / white lights, loved it! The contrast outside is somewhat different with it being quite bright, looking upwards to a bright sky, with industrial architecture penetrating the calm. Some may feel its too bright and others would say it's in stark contrast to the drab colours below, as is the soft lights to the hard metal walls, is this map saying something!? Either way artists discretion here again.

Gameplay is great. The map's main structure resembles a sort of screw thread, broken up well by platforms and ledges, item placement is great, not too much ammo was a bonus. Making you work to reload. The only gripe I have about the map is the floating platform, I think this would have played better with a jump pad at the bottom that launched you to the top (through the center stem) to the top to MH, adding possible holes outside to grenade down on an opponent from each level.

Either way this is a great Tourney map! FFA is ok but I preferred a Tourney game in CPMA any day. Bot play is ok, they do like the lower floor. You need to LAN this one with real people! With mappers producing such pretty maps as Charon does, this one has caused quite a stir being it is so plain and minimalist, rest assured it is a great map, plays well and is a lot of fun. VQ3 is great but for a real clincher get the CPMA mod and LAN away!


Reviewed by EBUK.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (14 votes)

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