Deep Inside
Deep Inside by Teddy

TDM is a must for this map, being split into several areas that each team can independently dominate, encourages teams to work together and promotes group movement. A great TDM map. Teddy makes fantastic use of the same type of texturing throughout and the item placement is just right. RA/RL dominates but the PG/Quad and SG/MH heaps to balance this out and encourages plenty of confrontation!

Suffice to say if promoting team working, great item placement, plain but good looks and a layout that has a 1001 possibilities to it qualifies a map for a 'great' TDM map, then this is an all time great! The map has been included in the OSP mappack. The reason for separate release (to quote the author) it makes it easier to use this map outside the OSP mod, so the possibilities are endless.. FFA or instagib, the NIC mod springs to mind for a fun alternative, whatever your poison is! But bear in mind item placement has been tweaked for TDM.

Bot play is ok, but you need real people to appreciate the finer qualities, CPMA for the more serious player but just as great in VQ3!

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Reviewed by EBUK.

Ranked: 3.4 out of 5 (13 votes)

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