Deep Inside
Deep Inside by Teddy
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Paragon unregistered
#5   21 Feb 2003
ospdm5/teddm1 is NOT suited for cpm gameplay. ospdm5 was used in barrysworld cpml opening cup, all the comments from participating clans where quite negative.

most of the peeps knew the map from osp games, so unawarnesses of the map were no reason for this.

the itemplacement simply does not work in cpm, there are no usable trickjumps. this map is fine for osp, but a recommendation for cpm would be just a laugh.

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-PdC-RotteN unregistered
#4   07 Jan 2003
You're right man, it's a standart map, it's a really old one!
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EBUK unregistered
#3   30 Dec 2002
If you do, don't or have ever played in a TDM league then this will have definatly have crossed your path! You either love it or hate it!


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not entered unregistered
#2   29 Dec 2002
Did you read the review or the readme? Its a re-release so that people that do not play OSP can play the map.
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not entered unregistered
#1   29 Dec 2002
do you guys ever play quake

tis map is used for almost a year now its a standard osp tdm map

called ospdm5 made by teddy why post old stuff ??

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