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Dirty Little Secret
Dirty Little Secret by ButterB
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Mark unregistered
#10   22 Jul 2008
This map plays so fast you wouldnt want any more than 2 players when 1/2 the fun is looking for a place to fight or avoiding 1
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StormShadow unregistered
#9   03 Jan 2003
Good use of the tex set, i wouldnt say 'the best'.

Solid layout and item placement, fun to play, good werk.

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unitool unregistered
#8   03 Jan 2003
nice work, man!
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ButterB unregistered
#7   02 Jan 2003
Thanks all for the words, and EBUK for the review. I know it doesn't appeal to all, but thats the nature of it...I am seriously considering another version. People have begged and screamed for some changes in places, I might accomodate some :) Keep an eye out.


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wviperw unregistered
#6   02 Jan 2003
MSandt: huh? too big for tourney? What kind of maps do you play? :P The map is rougly the same size as cpm1a/cpm3 if you're a CPM player, and definately smaller than ztn1/pdm6 if you're a vq3 player.
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MSandt unregistered
#5   01 Jan 2003
Nice design and good item placement but definitely too big for any kind of tourney action. It requires at least three players. Milky Way skybox was nice.
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tIKi_mAn unregistered
#4   29 Dec 2002
hmm. thats what I thought of it also.
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wviperw unregistered
#3   29 Dec 2002
A lovely CPMA tourney map. Hope it gets to see some play on some servers in the near future.
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EBUK unregistered
#2   29 Dec 2002
Great map, just needs item tweaking to give it that 'edge'!

Would be nice to see CPMA players have some input on a possible V2 tweaked for TN play, badger the author :P!

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nitin unregistered
#1   29 Dec 2002
excellent map, item placement's almost perfect and best use of sock's tech texures barring sock's own threewave map.


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