Aqua Arena
Aqua Arena by Phillip Quilter
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#8   09 Aug 2012
Loved this cool aqua map! Makes me think of this one song every time I play it....
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051R15 unregistered
#7   27 Jul 2009
Dead ends? There aren't any dead ends in this map... two hallways leading to teleporters is the closest thing i could find matching that description.

A highly original, very playable map.


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'Sc' Morpheus unregistered
#6   30 Jan 2003
This arena is more good
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#5   24 Jan 2003
The layout would work well for the Domination mod!

Place a Domination point in the middle room in front of the Sub Rover, and one in each of the Atria.

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not entered unregistered
#4   11 Jan 2003
Not sure about the game flow,but an exceptional map otherwise. It looks as though it would be great to play, too bad if there's a lag.
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phillip quilter unregistered
#3   07 Jan 2003
I admit i am not the best when it comes to game play.but when i made this map i just wanted a small map that a couple of buddies could play online and have the map look good but still have good frame rate.and i think the map does quite well at all these things.
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EBUK unregistered
#2   07 Jan 2003
"A promising first map with some cool features... "

...definatly agree there. Some review sites have raved about this map, for me personaly it has some realy nice touches, just lacks any gameplay in my opinion. The author shows 'great' imagination, I just hope they stick with the editor.

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Shallow[BAP] unregistered
#1   06 Jan 2003
I downloaded this one with a view to reviewing it, did a draft but never tidied it up for submission. So here's a 'second opinion' for you:

An undersea base provides the setting for this arena, decorated mainly in (the author's?) custom textures. Chunky brushes give a reinforced feel, although some smaller brush details and more texture variations might have been a good way to break up some of the longer walls. A minisub, diving gear and a moving crane adorn a docking bay, and another sub can sometimes be seen passing lazily by through a window. An exceptionally cool custom shader effect marks the jump pads and teleporters - although using the same effect for both is initially confusing.

Sadly I can't enthuse about the layout, which pretty much boils down to three rooms strung along a zig-zag corridor. Movement through the map is mainly running up and down that passage, which results in a lot of encounters in the middle room and the stairs either side, and most of the traffic you see in the multi-floor end rooms will be due to spawning. A more compact arrangement of the rooms with more connections would have worked better than having dead ends. Item placement is just about OK but with some odd choices: Two megahealths and two powerups in a map this size is questionable. The crane trick to get to the Quad is novel, but proves irritating especially since there is no real hint that the gantry's interior is lethal to touch. Botplay is OK.

A promising first map with some cool features. Despite my reservations about the layout you may well find it entertaining for a few rounds.

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