The Evil Cathedral
The Evil Cathedral by [D.A.]Vincent Vega

Basic FFA map set in a very large, vaguely cathedral shaped structure. The architecture is extremely bland and blocky, the texturing basic. The scale feels entirely too large. The layout is very simplistic, with most areas offering single-level combat. The exception to this rule is the main cathedral interior which features a few steep stairways, a couple of platforms and a few balconies which contain various goodies.

There were a few neat ideas, such as weapons triggering ambient sounds when picked up, allowing you to keep track of other players as they move through the map.

According to the readme, this map really wasn't designed with bot play in mind. However, bots do manage to navigate the map adequately, but tend to get stuck in the underwater tunnel and drown.

Overall, best to pass on this one.

Reviewed by WangButter.

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (6 votes)

Download: The Evil Cathedral by [D.A.]Vincent Vega