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The Evil Cathedral
================================================================================= The Evil Cathedral Quake III Arena Map ================================================================================= 16/12/2001 ------General Information-------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title : The Evil Cathedral Filename : EvilCathedral.pk3 Mapname : EvilCathedral.bsp Author : [D.A.]Vincent Vega E-mail : **email removed** ICQ : 36478687 Website : http://www.virtual-ass-kickers.de Description : Large FFA map for Quake3 Previous Maps : HalfLife Counterstrike: cs_nighthawkv2, cs_urbanterror ------Play Information----------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Type : Free for All, Instagib, maybe Tournament Players : 50 Playerspawnpoints :o) Bots : they work, but the map was not designed with botplay in mind Specials : the 2 healthbubbles on the opening hatches give you 75 health points instead of 50 (standard). megahealth boosts your health always to 200 points. shoot one of the 4 buttons on the upper level inside the cathedral to lower the ceiling in the small room where the red armor resides > kills campers up there;) sounds: listen carefully to ambient sounds: some weapons trigger ambient sounds when picked up (eg. the rocketlauncher in the cathedral triggers a bell) > its a good way to track where your enemies are;) ------Map Information------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brushes : 4785 Entities : 748 ------Construction--------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Base : idea in my head;) Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant from the first version till the actual one (202), also GTK Radiant Build time : around 2 years with many, many long breaks Compile Machine : TBird 1400 / 512 MB DDRRAM Final Compiletime : around 3 Hours ------Credits and Thanks--------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - RiceBug from www.qeradiant.com for his kind help - Claudec for his awesome Q3 mapping resource site www.claudec.com - Kahless from [BohW]Clan for putting this map on his server for many days of betatesting www.bohw-clan.de - all people from the planetquake.de forums for their feedback - TNSO for great LAN parties :o) www.networksession.de - and finally: all people who motivated me to complete this map! ------Installation Instructions-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unzip EvilCathedral.zip. Place the EvilCathedral.pk3 file in your baseq3 directory. IMPORTANT: if you got an older version of this map > move the old file out of your Quake 3 directory or delete it. If you leave it in or just rename the old file you won't see some shaders/textures properly:( ------Other Notes---------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have phun & frag hard;)
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