The Evil Cathedral
The Evil Cathedral by [D.A.]Vincent Vega
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#3   16 Oct 2013
This level reminded me of certain DooM levels: both Tower of Babel (E2M7), and especially Unholy Cathedral (E3M5). It was fun to play, but like stated before, there are too many shotguns. 3.5/5
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l3jmer unregistered
#2   20 Oct 2002
This map rocks! But there is too many shotguns in the map. There's about 6 shotguns, loool :)
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[D.A.]Vincent Vega unregistered
#1   18 Oct 2002
thx for the review @ the LvL guys:)
But I got something to mention:

play this map at least with 10 human opponents (the bots suck), anything below doesn't show the real gameplay-potential of this map...

I played it once for about 3 hours on a LAN with about 20 players and it rocked, believe me:)

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