Tang Dynasty 01
Screenshot for Tang Dynasty 01 by archql(china)
Added: 18 Oct, 2002   More than 15 years old
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31 Aug 2018
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This map is great. It shows the characteristics of Chinese traditional culture.
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11 Jul 2018
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A lot of the items require you to RJ to get them.
(Armors, Mega Health and BFG)
It is a pretty nice map though! 😎👍
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25 Jan 2012
Is my machine powerful enough to play this? yes.
Did I end up keeping it? Uh. No.
Try Iron Raiden by ChucK
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25 Jan 2012
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Looks fun but will download later.
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21 Aug 2009
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Very cool architecture "test map", that seems to just happen to have some items placed in it. With this real-world architecture and layout, a lot more clever work would have been required to achieve good gameflow, IMO. I am not really sure it is actually possible.
Anyway, well worth the download, just to enjoy complex, well implemented brushwork.
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03 Nov 2002
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japang what? :P i actually love this....what i can see of it anyway. is it just me or am i missing textures? is that supposed to be fog or water? its hard for me to comment unless i can see everything.
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29 Oct 2002
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a very good map, from the editing point of view. Sure you can have some serious dm matches in there also. An amazing chinise-wise made creation.
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23 Oct 2002
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i liked walking around looking at the map to dunno what it plays like tho but theres nothing wrong with the frame rate
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19 Oct 2002
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I enjoyed walking around this map and looking at stuff on my own. A lot of work has gone into this map and it shows. There's a lot of little cool touches like the floating semi-transperant teleporter exits that hover above the power-ups. What a shame about the frame rate though. If the map had been half the length that it is I think it would have solved the problems. As it is, it's just too big for the amount of brushes :(

5 from me

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