by Dodo
Asteroid by Dodo

A first time offering that places a CTF game in the middle of an Asteroid field, complete with floating, slowly rotating rocks and a nice skybox by Sock. In the readme the author states that the map was influenced by q3ctf4. Taken by itself, I think the map is a pretty solid first map and there are enough differences to make it interesting, but it's hard not to compare it to the Id map.

The map is a bit smaller than q3ctf4 so there are a lot of perils in trying to make a flag run and it makes for a very hectic, fast and fun game. 3 vs 3 is the optimum set up, and go 4 on 4 if you want things to get really crazy. Any more and things become too spammy.

There are a lot run ins and conflicts while trying to make a capture. When you spawn, you'll be within seconds of a fire fight. The flag carrier will need to load-up on health and armour, as making it too and from the enemy asteroid is a test of endurance. Everybody spawns with a Shot Gun, so even if you manage to clear out opposition in the flag area, it's still difficult to get out alive without the enemy pelting you with buckshot. This makes for a good challenge for solo flag captures and a rewarding experience for those who like to team up.

Bot play is solid, but became predictable as they took the same route going in and out. Noticed a couple missing textures (in the middle area and under the Lightning Gun). Frame rates were tolerable on my machine when you were looking across the field, and standard when you weren't; lower end machines might have a problem.

One thing I would have liked to see is the ability to rocket jump onto some of those asteroids and use them as another path to the other side. Would have been a nice practical extension of the theme.

It's worth the download and good for a few rounds, but it probably won't become a permanent fixture on your hard drive. Give it a spin around the block.

Reviewed by Shagz.

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (17 votes)

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