by Dodo
Asteroid by Dodo
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raspatan Rep. 4508
#10   25 May 2020
Design could have been more sophisticated (stairs are awful, the "mini wall" bordering each platform is awful too, and useless). The terrain underneath bases also feels unnecessary, except for the atmosphere (an asteroid). It could be fun for a few rounds against humans but with bots its boring (unless you absolutely love space CTF maps and don't mind dumb bots).
Edited 1.7 minutes after the original posting.
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Colton Rep. 359
#9   15 Apr 2016
Bones would DOMINATE this map, that's for sure.
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Gorf unregistered
#8   26 Apr 2015
Hardly boring. Crazy action.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#7   11 Jul 2012
Good for the mod Art of War (;orderby=hitsD). I love the idea of fighting CTF from one Planet/Moon to another. But we don't have that so asteroids are the next best thing :P
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#6   11 Jul 2012
I found this map quite boring actually because there was not enough action and it's a simple CTF map there's nothing exciting about it. Skybox was pretty cool though and textures were finely brushed so I have no problem with that. 6/10
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><>< unregistered
#5   31 Jan 2011
DOOM: Phobos to Deimos?
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Dodo unregistered
#4   17 Oct 2006
I'd just like to say wow its been 4 years since I did this map. Yes I did cheat it into that score :( I'm sorry I was such a dickhead (It seemed like a good idea at the time). Only level I've ever released, I haven't really worked on any levels for any game for a while now. Blast from the past.
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Dodo unregistered
#3   04 Dec 2003
the missing textures in this level are from mapmedia.pk3. this file comes with the quake3 level editor, and i was unaware that it was from there. mapmedia.pk3 can be downloaded from fileplanet.
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Eudaimic unregistered
#2   27 Dec 2002
If ever a map was 'cheated' into a good score, it's this one... DAMN!
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not entered unregistered
#1   12 Oct 2002
This a cool map and i think u should really give it a go!
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