The Bad Ball
by on-X
The Bad Ball by on-X
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lurker Rep. 10
#14   13 May 2022
ump2ctf4 , from , is a revision of this map with TA support and bots that don't merely stand around. If you want to play against bots, fetch the UMP2 version.
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Colton Rep. 329
#13   25 Apr 2016
I'll fix up the botfile for you guys...
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FragTastic Rep. 2237
#12   25 Feb 2012
Similar textures to 'The First Step By fKd'. Good Gameplay and good textures. 9/10.
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on-X unregistered
#11   16 Oct 2002
thx to MopAn bots are moving now :)

grab the new version here : <a href="" Target="_BLANK"></a>

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sansai unregistered
#10   16 Oct 2002
ummm, let's call it a multiplayer map only. :)

Who cares about bot ? Q3 bots are crap anyway. :/

About people who are stuck with 56k, well, there are many better solo games than Q3. :)

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MopAn unregistered
#9   09 Oct 2002
Nice map on-x! Solid brushwork, architecture and gameplay. Nice to see it coming with UMP2 someday! This will be a great pack! (mailed you)
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on-X unregistered
#8   09 Oct 2002
I know 1 server running my map but it is not public, it's used by on quakenet

problably more server when ump2 will be released (with mopan's map too)

about the bots:

I think the problem for the bots is the map itself

Other mappers has had the same problem and couldn't get the bots to function correctly even after hours of tweaking and had to realease their map whithout bot support

I remember reading that id had to modify and simplify some of their maps so bots could play them

last thing I want to do is to spend hours & hours working on something when I'm not sure of the final result, and I WONT change the layout of my map !

I do the maps I want to play, and I only play online against human... BUT there's a good news, my next map seems to be more bot friendly :)

beta 2 probably later today, check there : <a href="" Target="_BLANK"></a>

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MopAn unregistered
#7   09 Oct 2002
Hi on-X,

downloading your map now.

It's hard to get a working bot-file sometimes, at this point I understand your position. I spent nearly weeks to clip and tune every corner of Polaris. It was mostly horrible work to do but worth it in the end.

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not entered unregistered
#6   09 Oct 2002
on-X: How many servers do you see running your map?

How many people have NOT downloaded this level because of the lack of a bot file? (Polaris is more than double the file size of this map and has more than double the downloads. Its not because map is better but because the map has a working bot file)

How many people fire up a map, throw in a few bots 'just to have some fun' or to try out a map?

With a crap bot file a map will get a LOT less downloads and a LOT less game play. Bots ae part of Q3A, if you know the fix and you have pride in your work you should fix it. Even if they end up taking the same path all the time its much better than the current version.

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Seremtan unregistered
#5   08 Oct 2002
Who plays this map with bots? Let's see, how about those tens of thousands of people who are stuck with with 56k modems? And why bother even including a botfile if you don't care if it works or not? Why did I bother even reviewing this level since it doesn't actually work? So many questions - no answers.
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on-X unregistered
#4   08 Oct 2002
I know about the problem with the bots but didn't wasted time trying to fix it cause I think playing ctf with bots is pointless :/
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TorNeD unregistered
#3   08 Oct 2002
un peu de francais, sa vas pas faire de mal :p,

Pas mal cette map, c vrai que dans ces premieres versions elle etait tres fun a jouer, les dernieres modifications sont tres interressantes, mon seul regret, c la couille, y'en a qu'une !, On-x tout va bien chez toi de ce cote la ? :p

GG, j'aime beaucoup le travail sur les lumieres aussi :)

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hannibal unregistered
#2   07 Oct 2002
"Or you could e-mail the author and ask what gives."

Nah, let's do it right here. So on-X, what gives? :p

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nFr (Aka NoFear) unregistered
#1   07 Oct 2002
Common ON-X !! :)

That's a great map for LAN and internet games. Really fun to play on it with friends ! Speaking with experiences !

Who plays with Bots anyway ? 56k modems or the n :p

Nice work m8 ;)

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