The Bad Place (3)
by Mink
The Bad Place (3) by Mink

Okay, so I had to reload Quake onto my computer to really get a feel for the original map this remake is supposed to mimic. The verdict was that Mink has done a great job. From what I can tell, this is almost a carbon copy of the original but in Quake3 glory. The map was designed for the Generations Arena mod and will fit in there perfectly.

Only one texture choice nit-pick but who cares. Everything else really suited the remake and fits well. Looked original, played original, just with the Quake 3 weapons and curves. It's interesting but I never realised that id had tried to make a curve like edge on the upper platform in the original until I played this map.

Game play is on a par with the original. Run here, fall into lava there, frag, get fragged, it was all there. Bots played well and used the map to it's full extent.

If you like re-makes, this won't disappoint.

Reviewed by Daniel

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (12 votes)

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