The Bad Place (3)
by Mink
The Bad Place (3) by Mink
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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#6   10 Jan 2012
Its your first map and i can tell you put a lot of hard work into this map. Its ok for your first map but just keep practicing..
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. unregistered
#5   26 Dec 2010
No I don't like this map, the textures are horrible when I played this map in Generations. the good place is much better
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Woolie Wool unregistered
#4   27 Oct 2003
It needs to be bluer. DM4 was mostly in that bluish scheme that was my favorite in Quake.
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#3   04 Oct 2002
Well if it´s your first map, it´s not bad. And yes, the size works well with the Q3 physics, some older dm4 remakes were too cramped (but Powzer´s Remake for example has also good scaling)

You misunderstood my comment with the floors, I mean they look too thin when you look from the side (not from topview).

You need better beta testers ;)

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SpAwN unregistered
#2   04 Oct 2002
The floors are too thin? In the original you were lucky to get 2 people side by side on those floors. The proportions should be a bigger than the original, and that's what I was going for. As much as I loved the original, I always felt it was too small(I also felt this way about the remakes I've played... although their remakes look about 10x better, heh).

And yes, the architecture does look plain. I will admit that... this is, after all, my first map; It will also be my last. Anyway, I won't expand on my feelings about curves and fancy map objects because that'll just lead to a bunch of rants. :)

To finish this already long post, I'd actually prefer criticism. My map testers showed none, so I couldn't really do anything to make it better. I just went by how I felt and what I thought needed fixing. :)

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#1   04 Oct 2002
In my opinion it neither looks or feels like the original. The architecture doesn´t look solid and has very different proportions than the architecture in the original (look at the door´s shape for example, or the shape of the atrium), floors are too thin and the stair is sloppily constructed etc. It also doesn´t makes a big use of the Q3 features, there is a curve here and there, but overall the architecture looks very plain.

Unlike the original, there is a complete lack of ambient sounds (sounds have a great deja vu factor).

Texturing is quite nice, it doesn´t have that blue-ish Bad Place look but it´s ok.

Sorry for the harsh words, but it doesn´t shine because there are a number of better remakes out there.

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