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The Bad Place (3)
******************************************************************************************** "The Bad Place" - For Quake III Arena by: Tom "SpAwN" Krepshaw My fisrt attempt at building a map. ================================================================================== Title: THE BAD PLACE Filenames: q1dm4.pk3, q1dm4.txt Author: Tom "SpAwN" Krepshaw Address: **email removed** Description: This was my favorite Deathmatch level for the original Quake. I decided to remake it for that reason. I feel that I made the level bigger than the original, and I wanted to, but kept the original play style in tact. I love it, and I hope you all do too! :) ================================================================================== Additional Credits: Thanks to: ID Software for making the best FPS games The Generations Arena team for making the Generations mod this map was deigned for Robbie "Satan" Caldwell for testing the map compared to the original Alex "Batman" Fitzmyer for testing the map from a Q3 perspective and some very useful opinions. :) Yves Allaire aka "evil lair" for the wall and floor textures(found at The Bighouse - www.planetqua...se/textures.asp). "Liquidator" for putting up with all my questions about mapping and 'how to' questions that I couldn't find on the tutorial pages. ================================================================================== Map Instructions: Unzip q1dm4v2.pk3 into your baseq3 directory. Launch the game and go into the skirmish option and search for the map. Frag till you can't frag no more! Or type "/map q1dm4v2" in the console and add bots manually. ================================================================================== Information: BOT support - YES Deathmatch - YES Team Deathmatch - YES Capture The Flag - NO Tournament - YES New Textures - YES New Sounds - NO New Music - NO ================================================================================== Construction: Base: A few screenshots of Quake1's DM4 - The Bad Place Editor Used: GTKRadiant/Q3Build/ArenaMaster/WinZip Known Bugs: None known Build Time: About 7 days off and on ================================================================================== Changes Sine The Deja-Review Release: Fixed the 'grey square' in the little nook on the bottom floor(where the plasma gun is in q3a). [my 'testers' didn't notify me of this one.. *sigh*] Fixed random other texture problems left over since the first release. ================================================================================== Changes Since The First Release(Generations Map-Pack): New wall/floor textures Changed celing texture Opened the main area's celing to add some extra lighting Changed ammo/armor/weapon layout slightly, you may or may not notice Added music to the level for those who play with music on ================================================================================== Copyright and Permissions: Copyright (c) 2002 Tom Krepshaw Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and must NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. If you want to use this map for anything just ask me first. :) ********************************************************************************************
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