Duel by Kirk Barnes

Playing this map, I kept hearing myself saying, "Damn, I'm looking good!" It includes a huge mirror shader that makes a great centerpiece with a huge frame rate hit. The map consists of a main area with a walkway above that includes the mirror. Below via ramps is a lava pit, two teleports, and access to a lower side room. Unfortunately, the proportions of the lava pit area seemed wrong in comparison to the rest of the map. The map has a brightly lit, tech theme. It uses a lot of shaders and the texture selection helps create a fitting atmosphere. Some ambient sounds would have suited this map.

Game play is okay. Weapon placement is even throughout but not anything innovative. Bots tend not to go to the lower room and don't go for the railgun and haste. In a human duel it's a different story. With the more powerful weapons included and the small size of the arena, it has the tendency to become a fast and furious gibfest. Reflecting gibs look really cool too. Overall a fairly simple map with some good points.

Worth a look.

Reviewed by Daniel

Updated: The download is now for the second, improved version that does not include the large mirror. (03.Oct.2002)

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: Duel by Kirk Barnes