Pora umieraæ (Time to die)
Pora umieraæ (Time to die) by ShadoW

Ugly but fun to play is probably the best way to describe this map. Texturing has been wallpapered on, models float off the walls, and there is virtually no theme or mood to speak of. It looks like it was slapped together in an afternoon (2 days in fact).

Apart from this, the map plays really well. It is actually a lot of fun and the various platforms and ramps have been used to great effect. It is just such a shame about the look. Give this map a face-lift and it would certainly be a candidate for a collectable.

As is, no. It is a blocky, poorly textured effort that should have spent some more time being developed. Unfortunately, I have to say it is not worth the download.

In need of a face-lift. Not worth it.

Reviewed by Daniel

Tigs Notes: This is a game play rich level and very enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Update: The level has been given a face-lift. The re-worked version is available here. Thanks to Anonymous Cowherd for the suggestion.

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (11 votes)

Download: Pora umieraæ (Time to die) by ShadoW