Walk Don't Run
Walk Don't Run by wviperw

Excellent show of skills here, there is a few down sides to this map, but they are far out weighed by the good stuff! starting with the bad (of course). The map has some minor texture misalignments, and some corridors are quite tight, do not be using those rockets! The flow of the map seems to be broken up by the random holes in the corridors floors, which is due to bounce pads and/or the need for vertical fighting.

On to the good. Texturing is very constant giving a very futuristic tech theme. The very clean and aesthetically pleasing brush work accentuates the texturing and also pushes the tech theme. The texturing is mostly blue and white, broken up by yellow trimming, which, as you can imagine, looks damn fine!

There is also a pretty cool looking teleporter model in here, which also adds a hint of goth, maybe a little out of place but looks Kool none the less. A very nice map by wviperw.

Get it while its hot!

Reviewed by kooliez

The map source file is available under the OGSL. Download it from here.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (14 votes)

Download: Walk Don't Run by wviperw