Harder Than Hate
by pjw
Harder Than Hate by pjw

pjw takes his first serious stab at making a competitive level, and he has done a rather remarkable job. The map is visually sound throughout, although it is not strongly themed like his other arenas. The connectivity is strongly enhanced with Promode enabled but is still very good with standard Quake 3 physics.

The item placement is rather interesting and features a Green Armour. The distribution of the items is well thought out, but almost all of the items are running on custom respawn values. The weapons have been wisely given 15 second respawn times to prevent players from focusing entirely on holding the armour and health, and the 30 second health ball and ammo clip respawns do not matter much. The main concern lies in the armour respawn time of 60 seconds, which concerns serious players hoping to use the map for regular Quake 3. CPMA overrides respawn values automatically, but regular Quake 3, OSP, and OSP Promode do not, so some players may be disappointed in that there simply is not enough armour available. A FFA version of the map, pjw3tourney2f, is also available and introduces a Quad Damage while removing the Green Armour.

The level is great for CPMA and FFA, but the competitive players that do not use CPMA will probably find themselves wondering if the level could have been more useful for regular Quake 3 Tourney play. Download it for the sake of playing the map with CPMA.

Reviewed by Pure Imaginary

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (18 votes)

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