Harder Than Hate
by pjw

Title : Harder Than Hate (FFA version)
Filename : pjw3tourney2.bsp (pjw3tourney2f.bsp)
Author : Pat "pjw" Williams
Description : Tourney Q3 Level (FFA Q3 Level)

Note: This map can be played with normal Quake 3, but is best with CPM. Get CPM at www.promode.org or else
you are missing out.

* Description *

Game type : Tourney/FFA
Player load : 2-5
Respawn spots : 9
New Sounds/Graphics : Yes
New Models : Yes
Build Time : 150 hours?

* Author *

Name : Pat "pjw" Williams
E-mail: **email removed**
Home : www.planetquake.com/pjw

* Credits *

Thanks to:

Evil Lair for the awesome textures and weaponspawn model. Evil's site: www.planetquake.com/hfx/

The Mighty Pete for the excellent skybox. The Mighty Pete's site: www.geocities.com/petes-oasis/
Download site for this and many other great skyboxes: www.planethalflife.com/wadfather/

Sir Fubar for the nice clear glass shader.

Danzeman for clouds of gibs. :)

Huge continuing thanks to ydnar for his amazing work on q3map.exe!

I have had some absolutely excellent beta testing from many people on this map:

Especially the great guys on the CPMA forum, without whose great suggestions and observations this map would
have had some major suckage occuring: Symbi0nt, W1ZZ, Lsv, arQon, xfoo, Hubster, PureImaginary, Drexciyian,
Sundown, wviperw, Apheleon, Reservoir DoG, Symbi0nt, and Swelt.

From the Q3World Competitor's Edge Forum: merckx and bittter.

From the MapCenter Forums: nakedape and k-edit-0k.

From the Burial Grounds Forums: Mikey, StormShadow, Jax_Gator, Phucen ey, Osiriss1281, Buttmunch, and Player.

From the Q3World Level Editing Forum: gHad, unitool, The_Phuzz, jetscreamer, Whiskey 7, GONNAKILLYA!, ButterB,
tequila!, Auhsan, Plan B, Loj1k, QkennyQ, Ctrl.Del, Kat, Hobobo, Pathogen, and snickelfritz.

From the LvL beta forum: -t0ifElCh3N!2k-, elvis, and eidolon.

Whew. (and anyone I forgot, like that one guy in a cave in Tasmania)

More thanks to: id software for their groundbreaking games. (www.idsoftware.com)
doktor for BotStudio (planetquake.com/botstudio)
djbob for BobToolz (members.xoom.com/dj_bob_82)
Kestrel for Intellibot 2000 (**email removed**)
and mostly:
my wife Jana for the Labrador smootches.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Copyright (2002) by Pat Williams. All rights reserved.

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
(But if you're just dying to do something with it, contact me. We'll talk.)

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium (e.g. that would be included with a magazine)
without my explicit permission! (Just ask; be polite and stuff.)

You MAY distribute this BSP and associated files through the (internet,
FTP, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.

Thank you for playing my maps!


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