Harder Than Hate
by pjw
Harder Than Hate by pjw
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pjw unregistered
#9   26 Apr 2002
Thanks for the comments and feedback, guys. :)

The armor respawn times re: vanilla Q3 were a bit of a quirky judgement call, but I felt like it worked . . . eh.

I'll see if I can make another small tourney map one of these days . . .

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NeZZy unregistered
#8   24 Apr 2002
great map man

nice going hope to see more maps of u

greetz n3z

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#7   21 Apr 2002
Probably my favorite map from pjw. Good work on this one. Besides the fun gameplay, it also has a great look to it that's fairly straightforward and easy on the eyes.

Kudos on winning the Q3W Master Mappers Competition as well, pjw. I hope you enjoy yer new job!

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Myth unregistered
#6   21 Apr 2002
Downloaded this a while ago from the map queue, and like it a lot. I think it plays well with 3 players, found it rather large for tourney personaly. Love it in OSP Promode :D aesthetics are not of my taste, but they definately have style. Definately one of the best maps I've d/led this year :)



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Octovus unregistered
#5   20 Apr 2002
I dunno...as an FFA player this wasn't much better than PJW's previous effort (there's been a bunch lately, but I'm trying to remember the name of it...it has a "Kiss the Sky" portal and is in a mountain, anyways). The map looks ok and the sky box certainly completes the ge neral theme. Bots work pretty well, though they shun the lower area - just as humans understandably do, since the only reason to be down there is one or two long respawn items. The pain-goop around the RG also seems a bit unneccessary, especially considering the tele positioned to prevent camping. But this is all from playing it back when it was released...now, all that said, I'm scoring it a 9 because the score's a bit low, while I feel it deserves an 8.


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StormShadow unregistered
#4   20 Apr 2002
Pretty good q3 map. I suppose its probably better as a cpma map, but since cpma isnt one of the top 10 mods, not alot of people will be able to appreciate its full potential.

Anyway, still very playable as a vq3 map, worth the dl!

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nitin unregistered
#3   20 Apr 2002
this has been my favorite level release for the year, and that's saying something given some of the other maps that have been released. The gameplay is just addictive.
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wviperw unregistered
#2   20 Apr 2002
too bad for the odd respawn times. :( Doesn't really affect me since I always have played the map in CPMA, but to the people it does affect, it could scare them away from a great map.

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RedDot unregistered
#1   20 Apr 2002
I've been playing this level for some time now, and the more I play it the better it feels. Addictive!
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