The Shortest Yard (2)
The Shortest Yard (2) by Arshish

The author's debut release and it shows. Texturing is decent but item placement and layout dont make for much game play. LvL has some restrictions for submitted maps. This one is only just eligible because it isn't a fullbright box - it's a fullbright box within a fullbright box. Lighting is an almost even veneer of orange. With four or more players, matches begin with spawnfragging. Item placement is heavily unbalanced. Detail is nonexistent. The main area is a rectangular room on stilts above sand. Inside, a Battle Suit spawns on some low steps. There is one entrance in and one j-pad to the roof where most of the weapons appear. Two small platforms connected by j-pads carry Red Armour and Quad. The bottom of the map is edge-to-edge lava and under the center point spins a BFG with two ammo boxes and a teleporter to returns players to the area above. Even with the Battle Suit, the lava inflicts incredible damage so a Megahealth is provided as well. The Quad produces predictable results. Bots are dangerous, although they never go for the BFG, there is no cover and few places to run. Any player skilled with the Machinegun is deadly.

Quad-BFG mayhem.


Ranked: 2.6 out of 5 (8 votes)

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