Team Temple (Q3A)
Team Temple (Q3A) by BerneyBoy

This map is a few fun rounds away from the recycle bin unless your playing Excessive mod, when its actually a lot of fun. Otherwise, layout is bad and item placement is awful. All the weapons are plunked down within feet of the flag, and there is ammo for each weapon in pairs and even triplets everywhere else. Add to that the two Hastes and a Battle Suit which spawn in each base, and a massive hoard of powerups at the centre of the Common Ground with a RL and a Medkit/MegaHealth.

The facades of the bases are simply clones of the Castle Exterior from q3dm1 (conveniently provided as a sample map with Radiant). The interior of the base is cramped and badly thought out, with an entire "Secret corridor/sniper campsite" section that is completely unused. Even on a LAN against humans, this area saw little traffic. The common ground is filled with lethal green slime which quickly grows irritating. The slime-filled tunnels leading into the bases does provide an explanation for the presence of 3 Battle Suits, but the option is rarely if ever used, and the rest of the powerups dominate game play.

Highly recommended with Excessive mod, otherwise avoid.


Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (34 votes)

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