LDAQ3A01DM by Lee David Ash

This sprawling tribute to bad frame rates could be a tutorial on how NOT to build a map. There are three disparate themes patched together. These are; a massive, under lit mine, an extensive, greenish over lit sewer system, and a vast, 'Wild Wild West-meets-Futurama' sort of citadel, replete with winding walkways, gaping chasms, and small buildings. Construction is odd with many overlapping brushes. Texturing is worse. In the mine area, a single, repetitive texture (that looks as if it was created in 16 colour mode) is used everywhere. Patch Meshes have not been textured properly. The textures on curves appear stretched and warped. Bot play is nonexistent, they invariably get lost in the sewers, stuck in the mines, or bored in the monotonously drab-Orange citadel. Even were bot play good, battling them at a remarkable 20 fps would not be worth the effort.

Do not download this.


Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: LDAQ3A01DM by Lee David Ash